We there to assist you through the complete process, hassle-free. In case you already own a tank, and just got bored of the way it looks, We’ll redesign it for you.



Create your own Ocean World with Live Rocks, Corals and Exotic Fish. Everyone would envy you for this beautiful asset in your living room or office.



Any repairs or maintenance needed to your aquarium? We are there to do that for you. We take up periodic contracts for maintaining home and office tanks.


Dry Products

Right from air pumps to filters, cleaners, fish foods, thermostat etc. You name it, we have it. All the top brands in fishkeeping are available with us.


Welcome to Blessings Aquarium

The popularity of Fish Aquariums as a hobby has grown steadily over the years as people look to bring a small piece of nature into their homes. Aquariums offer an amazing way to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the natural aquatic life. Regardless of its shape and size, an aquarium can become a decorative focal point in any environment, either at home or office space.

We house a large collection of freshwater, tropical and marine fish. We also have exotic aquarium fish, pond fish and an impressive selection of live aquatic plants. For marine reef enthusiasts, we also stock live rock and corals.

Blessings Aquarium Shoppe is a specialty fish aquarium shop in Pune, carrying high-tech equipment for advanced hobbyists, at the same time the expert knowledge for beginners in the underwater world. Whether you are looking for a fish in a bowl or a beautiful reef, our experienced staff will assist you in every possible way.

We have an extensive experience in setting up new tanks of all sizes, supplying a wide range of fish and take up maintenance contracts for aquariums in and around Pune. We assure you a 100% Quality Guarantee. You would definitely be satisfied with our products and services. That’s our promise!

And yes, we are there every day of the week to help you with all of your aquarium related needs.

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