Choosing a perfect location for your fish tank

Choosing a perfect location for your fish tank

DO NOT keep your aquariums near air-conditioner or a room heater

DO NOT keep your aquarium next to television sets, speakers, etc which may disturb fish.

DO NOT keep your aquarium close to a window. It will result in growth of algae on the glass, decorative items and temperature fluctuations.

Always select a place where electrical points and water source is easily available

The five elements of feng shui are water, metal, earth, fire and wood. The aquarium holds water. The metal element is found in the stands used to keep fish tank. The rocks or gravel also represent the earth element and the fire element is found in the orange and red colors of the fish. Drift woods are used for the beautification and constant pH levels in the tank.
Having all five in one item represents completion and can inspire an atmosphere of harmony and well-being.

Keeping a fish tank is one of the best solutions to increase positivity and absorb bad luck

A fish tank should not be placed opposite or near a cooking stove or burner

Water represents money, so you should place the tank in the wealth and abundance or career areas of your home.

Some recommended directions for a fish tank are north east south east and North West

Vastu shastra recommends keeping aquarium in the drawing room and should not keep them in bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.


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