History of Blessings Aquarium

Blessings Aquarium (Best Aquarium Store in Pune | India) is an idea of two Fishkeeping devotees Dr. Richard Peter ( Founder ) and Dr. Aditee Kashikar (Co-Founder) . Their passion for Fishkeeping encouraged them to pursue Bachelor’s Degree in Fisheries. While studying for Master’s Degree they started their own Shop in 2002 at Nagpur.

Realizing that people in our country are lacking behind having nearly zero knowledge about Fishkeeping. They started a revolution by swimming deep into Fishkeeping Ocean.

Milestones of Blessings Aquarium

2005: Start of Blessings Aquarium

After a year of research and study, Richard and Aditee started seeking help from Banks to start Blessing Aquarium in Pune. From making Project Report to building the actual Project was the first Milestone of Blessings Aquarium.

2005: MCED Certification

Aditee and Richard completed training from MCED ( Maharashtra Center of Entrepreneurship Development) and became Certified Aquarists.

2006: Exotic Fish Revolution

In the early 2000s people in India were aware of Gold Fishes and Angel Fishes. But that was the only reach of pet fishes in India. Blessings Aquarium introduced Exotic Import of Fishes in 2006.

2008: Vocational Batches about Fisheries

Aditee (Co-Founder) thought, ” Why to keep the knowledge to ourselves? “. So she started Vocational Batches about Fisheries offline. These batches helped a lot of people around the globe to gain immense knowledge about Fisheries.

2009: Marine Fish Import

We started importing Saltwater fish/ Marine fish and we have an exotic collection of Marine Fish. Yellow Tang, Angelfish, etc.

2013: First Live Jelly Fish Exhibition in India

Blessings Aquarium held India’s First Live Jelly Fish Exhibition. Discus Fish, Clown Fish, Yellow Tang, Marine Tang have also robbed the attention of the crowd. This exhibition was covered in Pune Mirror on 6th November 2013.

2014: Dry Accessories Import

We started importing Aquariums, Fish Tanks, Filters, Air Pumps, LED lights, Rotary Pumps, and Plantation Tools from other countries. Which made Blessings Aquarium make a mark in Dry Accessories Import.

2017: Blessing Aquarium got featured in Pune Mirror on 17th Feb 2017

2018: YouTube as a new online platform & We also got featured in Pune Times Newspaper.

Sticking offline and not reaching people in large scope was somewhere in my mind. Aditee later thought of getting in touch with people via YouTube to help Fish Hobbyist. Today Blessings Aquarium is a family of 11.5k+ subscribers.


Pune Times Newspaper

2019: IIMB Certification & Blessings Aquarium got featured in CITADEL magazine.

Blessings Aquarium has attended the 3 days “Budding Entrepreneur Program” at IIM Bangalore and has been awarded ADVANCED level by IIM Bangalore’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Summit.

2020: Ph.D. in Fisheries

Blessings Aquarium Founders completed their Ph.D. in Fisheries which makes them Certified Aquarist with Ph.D. to run Aquarium Store.

Our Value & Our Mission


Blessings Aquarium have been in business from 2006, and was founded by Dr. Richard Peter and Dr. Aditee Kashikar; built by professional  ICHTHYOLOGISTS and CERTIFIED AQUARISTS for aquarium hobbyists. The main objective of Blessings has since been to provide its clients with quarantined and well-conditioned live ornamental freshwater and marine fish, invertebrates, aquatic plants, and to culture a sense of responsible fish keeping in Aquarists for maintaining their fish and aquariums in pristine conditions.

Blessings Aquarium takes pride in delivering the industry’s finest fish and fish aquarium at the most competitive and reasonable rates. We have supreme and talented employees who are always ready to help with their knowledge and hard work. Our employees are dedicated to achieving the company’s goals by delivering outstanding services.

Over the years, we have satisfied a large number of clients with beautiful fishes and advanced aquariums. We have a wide range of excellent quality and healthy food for fish. It is our duty to keep your fish healthy and give you all the necessary details about their nature, for which, we have employed some of the best intelligent people in our company.

Our Services

  • Service and Consulting for all aquatic systems and ponds. Experts in servicing all aquatic systems:
    • Freshwater Fish /Tropic Fish
    • Marine Fish
    • Customized Aquarium
    • Aquarium Décor
    • Live Plants & Supplies
    • Biotope Supplies
    • Certified Fishkeeping Program
  • Extensive collection of fish, invertebrates, and décor rock for sale.
  • A large number of fish aquariums and custom-made aquariums, of all sizes, for sale.
  • Different types of fish food, live worms, and blood worms for sale.
  • All aquarium-related accessories and filters, skimmers, etc. needed for your aquarium, available here.

Meet The Team

“We take pride in our work”

Richard Peter
I'm the Founder of Blessings Aquarium

Dr. Richard Peter (PhD in Fisheries)

"Aquarium is the source of life in a lifeless world!!"

I'm the Co-Founder of Blessings Aquarium

Dr. Aditee Kashikarh (PhD in Fisheries)​

"I believe Aquariums make us realize how beautiful silence is with a vibrant visual"

Aditee Kashikar
Nagesh Kali

Nagesh Kali

Store Manager

Akash Rajguru

Akash Rajguru

Bird Section Head

Akshay Pagare

Akshay Pagare

Fish Section Head

Sifa Tandel

Sifa Tandel

Media & IT Head