Summary about Aditee’s Blog

Hello Fish Keepers welcome to Aditee’s Blog. I’m Aditee Kashikar. I am into Fish Keeping for ages. Hence I noticed people are getting close to Fish Keeping but have much less knowledge about it. So I decided to write Blogs and shoot video about Fish Keeping.

But why to stop on Fish Keeping ? So I decided to write about all pets possible. This blog will help every pet lover to start from scratch. And every confused Pet Person to go ahead.

Aditee’s Blog is Beneficial for whom?

My blog is beneficial for Naïve ,Intermediate and Pro Fish Keeper. Honestly for everyone. Not to stop on Fish Keeping . I will also write blog to help Dog Petting, Cat Petting, Bird Petting etc.

What type of questions will be covered by Aditee The Fish Keeper?

My Blog will answer every single question related to Aquarium, Fish ,Fish keeping , Dog petting, Dog Caring, Bird Petting, Birds etc.

Does Aditee have any experience in Dog Petting?

Hell Yes!! Dogs are the part of my family for 2 decades now.

What about Blessings Aquarium’ s YouTube channel?

Video is always a best representation. Blessings Aquarium YouTube channel is a video version of Aditee’s Blog. You can watch our videos and gain knowledge about Fish Keeping etc.

What is Blessings Aquarium all about?

Blessings Aquarium is all about Pets. We love every single pet. Be it fish, Birds ,Dogs or Cats. We are starting a new venture in Viman Nagar . It is India’s First Private Aquarium Gallery and Pet Mall.

Aditee’s Blog