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Maintenance by Blessings Aquarium

Fish Tank Maintenance

Fish Tank Cleaning Service provided by Blessings Aquarium is a must try . We have expert team to Clean your Aquarium. Our team also provide AMC according to your Fish Tank. Aquarium Cleaning help your Fish live a long and good life. 

For over 9 years, Blessings Aquarium has been providing comprehensive Fish Tank Cleaning / aquarium maintenance and pond servicing. Our professional, highly trained staff and technicians are there to help you. Let our maintenance team ensure that your aquarium, pond, and water features are always clean, clear and ready for you, your family and guests to enjoy! Our maintenance package is designed for people and fish. We want them both to be happy. That’s our goal. 


  • Service and Consulting for all aquatic systems and ponds.
  • We hand select and quarantine your fish before introducing them into your aquarium.
  • Experts in servicing all aquatic systems:
    • Saltwater
    • Live Reef
    • Freshwater
    • Ponds
  • We provide free estimates.
Quick Tip: Do check the requirements and compatibility of species BEFORE buying

Whether you are considering installing the aquarium of your dreams or you already have an aquarium that is less than the one of your dreams Blessings Aquarium has a solutions far superior to anything you will find at the local pet store. Our primary line of business is aquariums – and caring for them every single day – so we know what you need in order to achieve success and are motivated to sell you only those components (especially since we typically see our customers every single month and have to answer to why something is or isn’t working). We are highly experienced in proper husbandry including proper disease diagnosis and treatments, filtration, water chemistry, system design, and of course maintenance.

Each aquarium system differs from the next, hence our maintenance regime is tailored made to suit your needs and busy lifestyle. We provide maintenance for aquariums purchased from us or another manufacturer. We provide service for all aquatic displays including salt water aquariums, fresh water aquariums, living reef aquariums and ponds. Blessings Aquarium will ensure that your pool chemistry is always maintained at the correct levels.

Quick Tip: fish carefully before buying, avoid any with split fins, damaged gills, etc.

Aquarium maintenance includes:

  • Clean all interior & exterior surfaces and accessories (glass/acrylic, trim/woodwork, lights, lids, automatic feeders, etc)
  • Hydro-vac gravel / substrate (15% minimum water change 30% average)
  • Check / replace chemical filtration media ( i.e. carbon, phosphate remover, etc)
  • Check / clean additional equipment (UV sterilizer, protein skimmer, etc)
  • Replace broken / worn parts (when required)
  • Check water quality (salinity, TDS, ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, etc)
  • Clean / exchange aqua-scape materials (plants, rocks, coral, decorative accessories, etc)
  • Fill aquarium & automatic top off reservoir
  • Replace air stones
  • Refill automatic feeder
  • Visual health and stock check

AMC for Fish Tanks

AMC is Annual Maintenance Cost for your Aquariums. Blessings suggest you to buy 1 year subscription for Aquarium cleaning. It is cost friendly and very effective as we can always take care of your Fish tank & Fish after studying it continuously. 

For AMC quotation give us a call or write us a mail. 

Fish Tank Cleaning Equipment

Aquarium Cleaning equipment are available on our website that will help you to keep your Aquarium Clean. 

Magnetic Scraper

Magnetic Scraper

Powerful Magnetic Aquarium Fish Tank Glass Cleaner Brush Algae Scraper . Used to remove Algae from glass of Fish Tanks / Aquariums.

Exclusive Scissor S-curve

Exclusive Scissor S-curve for Plantation. Finger loops specifically designed for comfort and proper fit in hand.

Syphon Pipe HF-888, Syphon Pipe for fish tank , siphon pipe for aquarium, siphon pipe for fish tank

Syphon pipe

The simple and easy way to change the water in your aquarium. Fit for all Aquarium and Fish Tank. Fish Aquarium Cleaning Pipe Siphon Pipe.

CO2 Diffuser

Made up of clear glass With suction rubbers CO2 diffuser Assure the best diffusing effect.