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Blessings Aquarium

Private Aquarium Gallery

About India's First Private Aquarium Gallery

Blessings Aquarium is proud to introduce their dream project . Our team is been putting efforts to make this Private Aquarium Gallery

This aquarium gallery is built in 5000 Square Feet Carpet area and 2 floors.

1st floor contains all aquariums, Aquascapes , Koi Fish Pond , Display Tank, 3D Aquarium background , Huge Monster Fish Tank & more.

Interior is totally done by the team members including Wood Carpentry , Aquarium building, Aqua scaping, Garden Design, Makin of Koi Pond, Plumbing of the tanks, Posters etc

Our special work includes Monster Tanks, Beautiful Aquascapes, L Shaped Tank, Zen Garden Theme, Koi Fish Pond & more.

We are not limited to Pet fish, we also have Grooming for your Pet Dog &  Pet Cat. We also have pet birds that will make your day amazingly beautiful.

Know about our Private Aquarium Gallery by our YouTube Videos :