Magnetic Scraper

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This product combines both magnet and scraper so is really the best of both worlds when it comes to removing algae! It’s also suitable for both glass and acrylic tanks.


  • Complete cleaning power thanks to being able to flip between the scrubber and scraper sides of the magnet
  • It includes two blades – one plastic and one metal – for acrylic and glass tanks respectively, ensuring no scratching
  • The cleaner floats and orients itself so it’s easy to retrieve if the magnet comes apart
  • It has a low profile design so can penetrate nooks and crannies easily, and isn’t too big that it’ll scare your fish
  • Tough on removing algae and can clean in one swipe
  • It covers a lot of area quickly
  • Strong magnetic power

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Magnetic Scraper

  • Suits for 5-15mm thickness aquarium
  • Stainless steel knife set can be assembled easily
  • The plastic knife is also suit for acrylic

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